Optical Transmitter oe200 EDFA

Optical Transmitter oe200 EDFA

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Low noise figure
High output power
Excellent reliability
RJ45(SNMP) is optional

Item    Unit    Value    Remark
Technical Parameters
Working Wavelength    nm    1540~1564
Input Power Range    dBm    -10~+10    -3(type)
Total Output Power    dBm    13~24    Pin=0dBm
Output Power Per Port    dBm    10~22
Number of Port          1~4
Noise Figure    dB    4.5~5.5    Pin=0dBm
Gain Flatness    dB    30    type
Polarization Dependence Loss     dB    0.3(Max)    0.1(Type)
Polarization Dependence Gain     dB    0.5    Max.
Polarization Mode Dispersion     ps    0.4    Max.
Pump Power Leakage     dBm    -30    Max.
Echo Loss    dB    50    Min.
Environment&Mechanical Parameters
Communication Interface         RS232     RJ45 optional
Power Supply    VAC    90~265    -48VDC optional
Power Consumption    W    ≤50
Working Temperature    ℃    -5~65
Storage Temperature    ℃    -40~85
Operating Humidity    %    5~95
Dimension    ”    19×14.2×1.75    (W)x(D)x(H)
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