Optical Transmitter 1550nm

Optical Transmitter 1550nm

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19″ 1U Rack mounted
Externally modulated technology
High performance,Low cost
AGC/MGC mode contorl
SNMP function is optional
Backup power supply is optional
Inner temperature control automatically

Item    Unit    Value    Remark
Technical Parameters
Wavelength Range     nm    1540-1563
Optical Output Power    dBm    2×4,2×5,2×7,2×9
Optical Return Loss    dB    ≥60
Optical Fiber Connector         SC/APC,FC/APC    Optional
Working Bandwidth    MHz    47-862,47-1000MHz    Optional
RF Input level    dBmV    18~28    AGC
RF Flatness    dB    ≤±0.75    47-862MHz
dB    ≤±1.5    862-1000MHz
RF Return Loss    dB    >16
Input impedance    Ω    75
CNR    dB    ≥51.5    PAL-D 60chanels,50Km fiber, 0dBm receiving,
CTB    dB    ≤-65
CSO    dB    ≤-65
SBS    dBm    13,16, 18    Adjustable
Environment&Mechanical Parameters
Communication Interface         RS232     RJ45 port optional
Power Supply    VAC    90~265    50/60Hz
Power Consumption    W    ≤50    One power supply works
Working Temperature    ℃    0~50
Storage Temperature    ℃    -40~85
Operating Humidity    %    5~95
Dimension    ”    19×14.5×1.75    (W)x(D)x(H)
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