Product Code: FDB-0064
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Dimensions: 21.50in x 17.00in x 8.50in

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Product Description

Metal (wall mounted box) splitter distribution box, applicable in FTTH project. Suitable for corridor, basement, room and building’s outer walls application. With the function, of mechanical splice, fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions (all parts inside the enclosure box are supply separately).


  • High quality cold rolled steel body, electrostatic spraying with water proof powder.
  • High quality water proof lock, wall mounted cabinet.
  • Operating temperature: -30°C~+55°C, storage temperature: -40°C~+60°C.
  • With access to 2 pcs of 12 cores fiber optic cables and up to 64 pcs of customer cables.
  • Suitable for multi-fiber optic cable access as well.
  • Suitable for 72 pcs of SC, FC, ST adapters, easy to installation and maintenance.
  • Support branch connection styl


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