6606-10 GPON OLT

Product Code: 6606-10 GPON OLT
Availability: 2 – 3 Days
Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions: 533.10mm x 482.60mm x 548.00mm

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Product Description

6606-10 GPON OLT complies with ITU-T G.984/G.988 and meets requirements about GEPON OLT in Network Access Technical Requirements. It fully supports CTC2.0 automatic discovery and cooperation with ONUs of different manufacturers.

6606-10 GPON OLT supports the symmetric uplink 1.25Gbps/downlink 2.5Gbps PON transmission rate, efficient bandwidth usage and Ethernet services, helping carriers to provide reliable services to their users.

Its coupling ratio ups to 1:128 and its support of different hybrid ONU networks minimize the carrier’s investment. ,6606-10 GPON OLT, based on the edge-cutting technologies, is strong in functions. A few of its functions such as QoS guarantee, SLA and DBA can be easily listed out.


  • GPON: Abiding by ITU-T G.984/G.988,6606-10 GPON OLT meets relevant requirements of GPON OLT regulated in Network Access Technical Requirements and China Telecom GPON Technical Requirements-CTC2.0
  • System Capacity: 6606-10 GPON OLT Series supports 128 PON ports and at most 16K ONT
  • Dimensions: 10U, occupies a small space.
  • Environmental Protection: low power consumption and low operating cost.
  • Bus Optical Fiber Protection: the link can be automatically switched when trouble occurs in the optical fiber.
  • Power Characteristics: supports dual-AC, dual-DC and AC/DC power supply. The power supply supports modularized design, hot-swap and EMC-3 standard. It well adapts to the environment.

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