Unitube Light-armored Cable

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Product Description

ULA fibers, 250µm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tube is wrapped with a layer of Plastic-Steel-Plastic (PSP) longitudinally. Between the PSP and the loose tube water-blocking material is applied to keep the cable compact and watertight. Two parallel steel wires are placed at the two sides of the steel tape. The cable is completed with a polyethylene (PE) sheath.


• Good mechanical and temperature performance
• High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
• Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
• Crush resistance and flexibility
• Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength
• Plastic-Steel-Plastic(PSP) enhancing moisture-proof
• Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation
• Long delivery length
• From 2~24 Increased by 2 fibers

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