FTTH Optical Receiver without WDM

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Product Description

FTTH type optical receiver is a home-based optical receiver and It’s ultimate goal is the development of optical access for FTTH networks, analog or digital signal can be realized. The equipment uses a low-power optical detector, GaAs and optical control AGC technology to meet the needs of FTTH CATV reception.


• Plastic case with good heat dispersion
• Adopts GaAs module as RF amplifying module, the optical receiving range for digital signal can reach -22dBm, and -10dBm for analog signal
• Automatic gain control(AGC)
• SC/APC optical connector
• Multi-stage lightning protection devices (TVS transient suppression diodes), lightning protection system
• Anti-frequency surge protection device, GaAs amplification chip.
• Realize the 5V input port feeding way of power supply

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