1 GHz Outdoor Line Equalizer / Reverse Conditioner

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Product Description

The Multimedia Line Equalizer/Reverse Conditioner (LEQ/RC) is utilized in the coaxial portion of the HFC plant to perform two important functions.

In the forward path, the fixed forward equalizer offsets undesirable down-tilt associated with cumulative cable and passive losses. This allows tap port RF level to be maintained within desired design limits even at taps located near end of line.

In the reverse path, the use of plug-in attenuation allows RF levels to be conditioned for optimal performance of critical reverse path services. By selectively adding reverse attenuation at LEQ/RC locations, the range or RF levels transmitted from closed loop customer premise equipment in a given service area can be narrowed considerably. With greater percentages of devices such as high speed data and telephony modems transmitting in the upper end of their RF transmit range, improvements in carrier-to ingress and carrier-to-noise performance can be achieved.

Technical Features

  • 5MHz to 1000MHz bandwidth capacity
  • Fixed 9 or 11 dB forward equalizer
  • Plug-in attenuator location for reverse path optimization
  • Connection Beam non-interruptible AC/RC bypass maximized network availability during maintenance periods
  • Equalizer in/out bypass enables reverse conditioning deployment network locations where forward equalization is not desirable
  • 15 amp current passing capability enables placement in all portions of the network
  • 6 KV surge protection
  • Faceplate contained circuit compatible with existing Scientific-Atlanta line equalizer products
  • Rugged, polymer-coated housing provides reliable performance in most challenging Environments
  • 5MHz to 1000MHz bandwidth capacity
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Neoprene weather gasket
  • Double polyurethane coating
  • RF interference gasket
  • Output legs have shorting bars to disable power
  • Rotational seizure mechanism for aerial or pedestal installation
  • Power rating: 15 Amps, 60-90 Volts AC/DC, 1-60 Hz

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